mani amma chaitanya shravanthi

About Us

MACS believes and follows democratic principles, and has been has been working with the tribal communities of G.K.Veedhi block of Visakhapatnam District. MACS objectives can be broadly categorized as quality healthcare, safe drinking water, organic agriculture farming, self help groups (men & women), solar electrification, digital education at primary level, livelihood management and adolescent  youth etc.

MACS's philosophy is based on decentralization of planning and delegation, at the grassroots levels, enabling and empowering individuals to articulate their needs. It seeks to work to support a flow of information between itself, the rural communities, field centres. MACS encourages a high degree of freedom and autonomy to its functionaries at all levels.  

MACS is to develop a dedicated, service minded team that enables holistic development of marginalized people through innovative, replicable model, with a passion for excellence. MACS recognize that its success is directly linked to its acceptability within the community that it serves. MACS therefore in delivering its services, adopt a bottom up approach using appropriate technology at minimum cost to the community.

MACS is striving to build a sustainable model of renewable energy system through a group of committed social workers. MACS field level workers are committed to MACS registered office located at G.K.Veedhi at tribal area of Visakhapatnam. Our team also lives there with the community.